Anonymous asked:

Do you think beyonce is jealous of kim k is that the reason she doesn't like her I mean kim k is beautiful and is really successful I can see how she be a threat to beyonce

thequeenbey answered:

This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever read.

Beyoncé is more respected, has more money, is more beautiful and has more talent than Kim K could ever dream of having. I don’t think a woman who has worked her ass off since 15 is jealous of a woman who opened her legs to be famous.



Ryan White’s mother Jeanne speaking about Michael Jackson’s friendship with their family. Ryan White was an American teenager who became infected with HIV from contaminated blood treatment and was then expelled from middle school because of his infection, and he suffered the stigma and isolation associated with the disorder in the 80s. He and Michael Jackson became friends after Michael had heard what had happened to him. Jackson would dedicate Gone Too Soon in his memory, releasing the song on World AIDs Day in 1993 and using his performance of the song at Clinton’s presidential inauguration to address the illness and urge for more to be done about it. His friendship with the family continued after Ryan’s death, and Jeanne has said that she and her family would take vacations at Neverland Ranch.

And I just realized it was the anniversary of Ryan’s death yesterday.

(how she started sobbing as Mike held her always gets me)



me cursing at bashit, a lot…

tellin him to stfu about 5000 times…

fangirling over michael… etc